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"We were completely dependent on Tech Sanskar for our technical needs and our requirements were pretty complex, but the team has the problem solving acumen and took the ownership of the project. Cineoo.com was our new venture and we had continuous requirements and everytime a new update was needed Tech Sanskar delivered and delivered really well."
- Pranav Ashar, Founder Chairman and CEO, Enlighten Film Company, India
"Hard to find words for that great company i`m customer for a long time. Very reliable, excellent quality and great communication. You helped us to get our business running. Thanks for your outstanding contribution and support"
- Franz Berg, Austria
Techsankar has been a wonderful provider to work with! This was a very complex project that involved a lot of programming and ingenuity. In short; I will definitely be using their services again in the near future. Highly recommended!"
- Mark Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
" Excellent work! Tech Sanskar took the time to properly understand the requirements, and made good suggestions along the way. The quality is perfect and the project was completed on time. Read More"
- Daniel Armstrong, United States
" Very professional,
great communication,
project delivered on time, !

We'll do business again ! "
- Francois Genios, Montreal, Canada
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The development of Web applications requires the same iterative phases as other applications, however, the Web application itself is not the same as traditional applications.

Web applications are composed of the same set of files used during development and after deployment. There is no compiled executable file produced that becomes the Web application. For example, the .html, .php files in your Web project are the same files you propagate to your production Web server. The source code, or script, in these Web files is executed on the client or server only when a browser requests the Web page.

There is no unique process that can be followed to every project. Every project has its own requirement, complexicity, size of the project, urgency, business operations. So we take decision and follow different processes for different projects.

Different Models/Process in Web Development Life Cycle:

  • Waterfall Development Model
  • Agile Development Model
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)

A generic and high level iterative Web Developmet Life Cycle (WDLC) can be depicted and illustrated in the following diagram:
Web Development Life Cycle
Web Development Life Cycle (High Level Iterative Diagram)