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Medical Writing & Manu Script Editing

Tech Sanskar Started Medical Writing and Menu Script Editing services for young researchers, academicians and industry professionals to enhance the quality of their research publications.

Writing manuscripts for publication in reputed journals is certainly a challenging task. Researches and scientists are often faced by numerous challenges for publication of their research. These generally include lack of time, unsound writing skills, poor English vocabulary, targeting wrong journals and failure in summarising the findings of the research in a clear and concise manner.

We have a team of dedicated medical writers with master's and doctoral degrees in the field of life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. With knowledge and experience drawn from pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations, and academia. Our medical writers will diligently work to understand your research and will provide a scientific value to your publication. Our team will ensure that your research is transformed into a high quality scientific manuscript adhering to the journal requirements. Our services will certainly help you save your time and efforts while delivering high quality manuscripts and other related documents.

Services Includes:

  • Manuscript editing for research students, academicians and industrialists.
  • Writing and/or editing other documents such as scientific posters, research proposals, oral presentations for conferences, thesis/dissertations, etc.
  • Creating scientific communications, promotional content and medical communication documents.
  • Assistance in target journal selection

Type Of Services:

  1. Manuscript preparation and illustration services:

    Full manuscript preparation based on:

    • Methods
    • Summary of your project
    • Parameters measured
    • Results with statistically analysed data (not raw data)
    • Conclusion from the study.
  2. Manuscript Editing Services:

    Manuscript editing based on information provided from clients includes:

    • Rough manuscript with inclusion of Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Tables and graphs, discussion and conclusion.

What Do We Provide?

  1. Manuscript preparation and illustration services:

    Detailed manuscript including the following sections,

    • Title
    • Structured or unstructured abstract
    • Graphical abstract (If required by the journal guidelines)
    • Content of manuscript (Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion))
    • Reference style according to target journal
    • Figures and tables in appropriate format (including figure/table modifications without affecting the experimental results)
    • Review of final draft and proof reading of manuscript prior to make it submission-ready.
  2. Manuscript Editing Services:

    • Suggesting title for the manuscript.
    • Editing of manuscript for grammar, content , styling, formatting, sentence framing/rephrasing.
    • May include adding additional citations (if necessary).
    • Arranging the references according to target journal requirements.
    • Reference style according to target specific journal.
    • Proof reading.


  • Our writer will decide after reviewing your submitted documents , whether your research work will be selected or declined for preparation or editing.
  • Our writer will also decide the type of service required for submitted manuscript (full writing service or manuscript editing service)
  • Corresponding author solely responsible for data interpretation and statistical analysis.


Type Of Service upto 2500 words Above 2500 words
Manuscript preparation and illustration services Rs. 3800/- (For India)
95 USD (For Other Countries)
500/- (India) (For Every Additional 1000 Words)
$ 15 USD (For Other Countries)(For Every Additional 1000 Words)
Manuscript editing services Rs. 2500/- (For India)
60 USD (For Other Countries)
300/- (India) (For Every Additional 1000 Words)
$ 10 USD (For Other Countries)(For Every Additional 1000 Words)

Flow of work and Time frame:

Manuscript preparation and illustration services:

Flow of Manuscript Preparation and illustration services

Manuscript editing services

Flow of Manuscript editing services